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Hello! I'm Blair, a creative professional who's been in the business for 14 years.

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I am a creative professional who has been in the business for 14 years. Being exposed to it since childhood. With a father who owns a successful Design Agency, I was able to cut my design teeth on clients such as Wrigley, Alberto-Culver, as well as Church and Dwight. I have worked alongside some of the industries leading creatives and developers, focused on only putting the best foot forward in any scenario. I have experience across a wide range of industries including Trade Show, Real Estate, Restaurant and Hospitality, Music, Beauty & Spa, Mortgage, Automotive and more.

I am extremely passionate about great design. Great design is a matter of solving a problem and in this industry, it means solving business problems. This booklet contains examples of some of my best work to date that spans from identity development, print, various websites, and all types of corporate communication materials. I solve the problem of design and communication, creating powerful experiences across many platforms. I believe in highly personal client relationships so needs are met as efficiently and effectively as possible.